Medical Skin Conditions

Experience and up to date education are a winning combination when treating skin conditions.  At Body Benefits our Aesthetic Medical Specialists have both, and offer a variety of both In-clinic Therapies, Laser Treatments, and Homecare Cosmeceuticals to improve both acute and chronic skin problems such as Acne, Acne Rosacea, Melasma,  Hyper-pigmentation, Skin Tags, Warts, Cherry Angiomas etc.  A thorough consultation is required to assess each individual problem and suitability for treatment, and a comprehensive treatment plan is developed to suit your skin problem and your budget.  A consultation involves an informative chat and assessment of your skin problem in a friendly and relaxed clinical environment.  We will update you on the best treatment options  however, there is no pressure to book a treatment.  Generally information brochures are given to each patient to allow them to review the treatments options at home before considering commencing a treatment.  There is a consultation fee of €25 which is deducted off the cost of a treatment if one is booked on the day of the consultation.