Alopecia & Chemotherapy Patients

Hair Loss resulting from either Alopecia or Chemotherapy is stressful and can have a profound emotional and psychological effect.  Some people deal better than others with hair loss but none the less, most people find it a tough side affect of stress or ill health.  Luckily for most people there is help in the for of hair pieces for the head, and Permanent Cosmetics for the brows and eyelash areas. Both the hair piece and the Permaent Cosmetics Brows and Lash Enhancement can be as subtle or glamorous as the person requires, and more often then not, it is matched to the original hair either before full hair loss, or matched using photographs to get a natural likeness.

Hair Loss with Chemotherapy

The first question many patients will ask us is – at what point do they have their Permanent Cosmetic Procedure?  There is no strictly correct time to have Permanent Cosmetics Undertaken.  Patients can have it either before they commence their Chemotherapy (as long as they are well enough to do so) or they can wait until their Chemo is complete.  It is a matter of personal choice. Some patients prefer to have it carried out while there is still hair in the area, and they never have to look at themselves looking bare.  They also state that they like the fact of knowing that they will still like their Permanent Eyebrows or Lash Enhancement when their hair does return in the future. Others however perfer to get the medical treatment over with first and then deal with normalising or enhancement of their appearance when they feel they are on the road to recovery.

When is the best time

Many of our patients will visit us before commencing