Permanent Cosmetics

With over 20 years experience,

Thousands of Happy Customers and
Training in Hospitals, Universities and Colleges around the world :-
Body Benefits offers professionally designed Permanent Cosmetic Procedures tailored to suit specific age groups, specific skin colours, your specific image and address your specific aesthetic problems or concerns.  Permanent Cosmetics are the convenient way to look good all of the time!
Permanent Cosmetics can be used for:-
General Enhancement
Pre or post Chemotherapy
Areas of sparse hair
Uneven lips
Preventing lipstick from smudging
Scar Camouflage
Nipple Repigmentation
Eyebrow Procedures include:-
  • Full Eyebrow Colour
  • Full Hairstroke Enhancement
  • Partial Hairstroke Gap Fill
  • Alopecia Brow Procedure
Eyeliner Procedures Include:-
  • Lash Enhancement, top, bottom or both
  • Eyeliner, top, bottom or both
  • Thick Eyeliner, top, bottom or both
  • Smudged Eyeliner, top, bottom or both
  • Alopecia Lash Enhancement Procedure

Lip Procedures include:-

  • Lipliner
  • Blended Lipliner
  • Full Lip Colour
  • Strong Lip Colour (2 procedures)
  • Lip Correction

Nipple Repigmentation Includes:-

  • New Nipple Design post surgery (single or double)
  • Asymmetry Correction
  • Colour Freshening

Scar Camouflage:-

  • Facial Camouflage post trauma or surgery
  • Breast Camouflage surgery
  • General scar corrections
Our Permanent Cosmetic Procedure price includes a consultation to assess the patient’s suitability and requirements, the procedure itself, a one month follow up to assess results followed by any minor adjustments which may be required to perfect the final result.                                                                  Prices from €300