Scar Repair

Treating Scars is a very specific and individual treatment. Each Scar Treatment is different, as the scars are never the same, damage to the tissue varies, and the end result you are looking to achieve must be suited to each area and each person. There are a variety of methods used to either repair or camouflage a scar.  After a thorough assessment of the area, the most suitable methods to improve the appearance will be recommended.  In some cases, a variety of treatments will be used as scar repair and reduction is very often complex.  A Scar Repair or Camouflage Treatment is a life changing experience and once realistic expectations are understood, it is an exciting journey undertaken by both the practitioner and the patient.

At Body Benefits we offer treatments for:-

  • Facial Scar Repair & Camouflage post trauma or surgery
  • Breast Scar Repair & Camouflage post surgery
  • General scar corrections from trauma, disease or surgery
Eye Lid, Eyebrow and skin before Scar Treatment

Eye Lid, Eyebrow and skin before Scar Treatment

Eye lid after 1st Scar Camouflage

Eye lid after blending eyelid skin graft

Eyelid and Eyebrow & Skin after Permanent Cosmetic Scar Camouflage

Eyelid and Eyebrow & Skin after Permanent Cosmetic Scar Camouflage

After Eyelid, Eyebrow & Skin Camouflage with Permanent Cosmetics

Eyelid & Eyebrow post laser and Permanent Cosmetic Camouflage

Prices vary due to the wide variation of scarring presented for treatment. It is based normally on the number of procedures required. Permanent Cosmetic Camouflage, Medical Micro-Needling, PRP, Laser Resurfacing and Intense Pulsed Light are just some of the treatments which can be combined to bring about the best possible cosmetic results.  Appointments are normally scheduled after the initial consultation. The patient will receive an estimate of costs, and suggestions regarding the variety of treatments and the frequency of visits required.

Jeanette has over 20 years experience in scar reduction treatments and with advancements in technology during this period, her methods of reducing or improving the appearance of scars have evolved and improved.  Jeanette has appeared on many television programmes discussing many of the various scar reduction and camouflage methods which are available today, and showing the kind of results she has been able to achieve.


Scar Repair consultations are carried out with the upmost sensitivity, as scarring can have a profound psychological effect on the affected person.  For many, it is a constant reminder of a negative event in their past.  Jeanette has helped hundreds of people with facial and body scarring over the years and here are just a few examples of what Patients had to say:-

Jeanette, you have changed my life for the better, I am happier about myself and more confident since my scars have been reduced.  I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and patience, Anne.

Dear Jeanette, I want to let you know that this summer is the first summer in many years I have had the confidence to wear skirts again.  My scar is hardly noticeable I didn’t  believe it was possible to reduce it so much.  Thank you for your care, your very happy Patient – M!

I was terrified when I was told I had skin cancer, and the mark was a terrible reminder of a worrying time.  I am delighted to see the scar is hardly visible after your attention and care.  I am no longer asked about the scar on my face and can put it behind me and take your advice about protecting my skin. Sincere thanks to you Jeanette.