Vein & Scar Repair

At Body Benefits Cosmetic and Medical Skincare Clinic we offer a wide range of treatments to treat, leg veins dilated blood vessels on the body and broken thread veins on the face.  We have the latest technology for larger leg veins – a Long Pulsed Nd-Yag Laser, we also have a Lumens One IPL for smaller veins and capillaries, and we also carryout Micro Sclerotherapy Treatments to close unwanted visible blood vessels.  During a detailed consultation we can assess your vein problem and educate you on the most up to date treatments, alternatively we can refer you to surgical specialists if surgery is the best option.

Scar Repair/Camouflage is a specialty that Jeanette particularly enjoys.  Through her work, she has improved both the appearance and confidence of hundreds of patients with facial and body scarring over the years.  Jeanette has appeared on television demonstrating both treatments and results of severe facial  scarring, and according to Jeanette “it is truly amazing what can be done to improve damaged tissue and improve a persons appearance with the amazing technologies that are available today”!  A detailed consultation and assessment is carried out prior to any Scar Reduction Treatment to assess the severity and suitability of each scar and patient to the treatments.