Mid Face Rejuvenation

Before cheek enhancement

Before Cheek Enhancement – younger patient

After Cheek Enhancement

After Cheek Enhancement -younger patient

A little lift to the Mid Face goes a Long way …………………

The mid face is an area where volume loss and sagging skin affects both men and women.  The fullness of the cheek is associated with youth, and when depleted, the face takes on an older more ‘worn’ appearance.  A quick and effective treatment to rejuvenate the mid face is with volumising Fillers. There are a variety of top quality volumising fillers that are used in the mid face such as Radiesse, Restylane, Emerval, Belotero and Juvederm.  At Body Benefits we carry many ranges and brands of Volumising Filler to ensure we always have one to suit each problem.


The V Effect with RADIESSE®

Radiesse Facial Contouring is often referred to as the ‘liquid facelift” and is one of the many Dermal Fillers used at Body Benefits

Mid Face Before Rejuvenation

Mid Face Before Rejuvenation at Body Benefits

Mid Face Rejuvenation After at Body Benefits

Mid Face Rejuvenation After at Body Benefits

Under cheek hollows before Radiesse

Under cheek hollows before Radiesse

Under cheek hollows after Radiesse

Under cheek hollows after Radiesse

Volumising the mid face offers immediate freshness and helps to restore a more youthful appearance.  It not only helps the areas below, such as the Nasolabial Folds, the Oral Commissures and the Jawline, but it also tends to freshen the eyes!  Once there is loss of fat in the face, treating the mid face is a truly fantastic option! A consultation with our Aesthetic Practitioner will advise you as to the best treatment option and the best Volumising Filler to use.

During consultation the face is mapped out, as each individuals requirements and volume loss is specific to their face.  Our Aesthetic Expert will be able to estimate the volume of filler needed to achieve the change you require – be it subtle or dramatic. Mid Face Rejuvenation can be done in steps to obtain gradual improvement or for a dramatic freshening of the face – significant volume can be added in one single treatment.

Tailoring Treatments –

Treatments are tailored to  suit your aesthetic wishes and budget, and during your consultation, you will get to learn just how much you can do to rejuvenate your face and how much it will cost.  You can quite literally, take years off your face in minutes.  We have the privilege of doing this for our patients every day in Body Benefits.

Here is what a few of our patients said after getting their Mid Face Rejuvenated:-

“Jeanette you have changed my life, you have given me back my confidence. I am interested in myself again and am going out more with my husband. Thank you so much. Anne XX”

“Thank you Jeanette for the great work you have done.  The funny thing is my family have noticed the improvement in my mood after getting my face done, rather than any change to my face.  Its so natural, its just what I wanted.  I have already started saving for my next trip to Body Benefits.”  Margaret

Results are truly remarkable!

Why not give yourself a little lift and book a consultation today with our Aesthetic Expert on 091-567500.