Scar Camouflage Treatments

Scar Camouflage:-
Treating Scars is an a very specific and individual treatment. Each Scar Treatment carried out is different, as the scars are never the same, damage to the tissue is different, and the end result you are looking to achieve must be suited to each individual. A Permanent Cosmetic Scar Camouflage Treatment is a life changing experience and once realistic expectations are understood, it is an exciting journey undertaken by both the practitioner and the patient.
Prices vary due to the wide variation of scarring presented for treatment. It is based normally on the number of procedures required. Other scar reduction treatments and laser treatments are often combined to bring about the best possible cosmetic result. Appointments are normally scheduled after the initial consultation. The patient will receive an estimate of costs, and suggestions regarding the variety of treatments and the frequency of visits required.
Facial Camouflage post trauma or surgery
Breast Camouflage surgery
General scar corrections
Our Permanent Cosmetic Procedure price includes a consultation to assess the patient’s suitability and requirements, the procedure itself, a one month follow up to assess results followed by any minor adjustments which may be required to perfect the final result. Follow-up and adjustments are included in the initial price once they are within the six week period following the procedure. See Terms and Conditions during consultation.